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Most green card holders and new entrants to the US become victims of the harsh US tax and disclosure rules that apply to non-US bank accounts, investments, structures and income. Reading this book early in the immigration process will help avoid the unnecessary cost and unpleasantness of falling foul of these rules.

Easy to read, it covers the key elements of how and when people become US taxpayers; the practical consequences of becoming a US taxpayer, including advice on pooled funds and other investments that aren’t suitable for US taxpayers; advice on trusts and other structures that aren’t suitable for US taxpayers; planning for transition to US taxpayer status; disclosures required for non-US bank accounts and investments; the interaction with FATCA, Tax Treaties, and more.
Interview with Nadia Bilchik about the Guide

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~ Barry Adams,
former Country Managing Partner,
Arthur Andersen South Africa

“I’m a recent immigrant to the USA. Although I already had reasonable exposure to US tax, I was fortunate to have consulted with Richard Rubin, which saved me from many of the problems outlined in ‘An Immigrants Guide to Tax in USA.’ I emphatically believe that this is an essential read as an early part of moving to the USA. I suggest that anyone who is planning to apply for a green card, or planning to move to this country, should read this book before leaving their home country.”