Category: Specific Scenarios

  • Moving to the US?

    Most individuals who move to the US benefit by delaying the date they become US tax residents. With the correct advice, US tax residency can legitimately be delayed through a variety of processes, sometimes for a number of years. [Continue Reading]

  • Investing into the US

    Structuring investment into the United States entails a number of considerations, and can be tricky. Because of the high US taxes and withholding taxes that usually apply to returns on inbound investment, structures need to take advantage of US domestic opportunities that permit lower US tax. It’s also important to take full advantage of reductions…

  • Exporting to the US?

    Exporting to the US?

    When a non-US business exports product to the US, a number of tax and regulatory factors come into play,…

  • IRS Audit?

    IRS Audit?

    Non-US entities require highly specific US tax treatment in many situations, including cases where they conduct business in the US; own US entities; are owned by US taxpayers; are funded by US taxpayers; make distributions to US taxpayers; or are managed by US taxpayers.