CPA Firms & Tax Advisors

We work with CPA firms on a variety of US international tax issues, including compliance and tax return disclosures in relation to IRS forms such as 1120-F, 1040NR, 1042-S, 8865, 8621, 5471, 5472, 8833, 3520, FBARs and a large number of other forms that are relevant to foreign clients, foreign assets, foreign trusts and foreign subsidiaries.

Depending on your requirements, we can prepare or review returns, or advise on specific disclosure requirements.

As with CPA firms, we also come under pressure close to filing deadlines and extended deadlines. If you have an issue you wish to discuss, please contact us in advance of the deadline.

We also work closely with CPAs on their client cross-border transactional issues. Although our focus is on US tax efficiency and compliance, we also work with foreign country tax advisors, factoring in foreign country taxes and constraints to achieve the best global solution.