In some cases, the individuals are considering, or have commenced, moving to the US from another country. In these cases, pre-immigration tax planning is important, as is transitioning into US tax residency and assisting clients defer the date on which they become US tax resident.

Green card holders generally require specific assistance to ensure they comply with US tax laws and that they do not make US disclosures or take US tax positions that jeopardize their green cards.

We also assist US citizens living abroad, as they are typically subject to US to special US tax exemptions and tax reporting requirements.

Foreign (non-US) individuals who invest in the US often require assistance to determine the most tax efficient form of their investment, as well as related US compliance requirements.

In other cases, individuals may not have disclosed, or correctly disclosed, their foreign bank accounts or financial accounts on their US tax returns and Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBAR’s).

Whatever your US tax status and facts may be, the chances are that we can assist you with US tax planning and compliance.